Historic Route - Fany Inong

Historic Route - Fany Inong from Holiday-Route on Vimeo.
Fany Inong is one of the most dedicated legendary skater for Indonesia skateboarding scene. He also made some spots to helps skaters around through his project called "Build This City" in 2007 which the project is done without any permissions from the local government. can you believe that?cause we all know our government is suck, they won't let us to build something without their permission, but he.. And unfortunately he got ligament injured of the knee which is he have to stop skating.. He spent his life just for skateboarding almost 20 years from now, I can say he just love skateboarding, nothing else.. but now, he just watching us skating on the streets..can you feel how his feels?of course not..Unless you got ligament injured as well. but trust me..He still really want to skate.. So, finally we've done a 15 minutes less documentary video of him and you can watch how wild his street skating used to be.. I suggest you to watch this, and it's a must and hope you learn something :) make sure the HD sign turn on by the way :P This video is dedicated to his mom(R.I.P)